Friday, 23 August 2013

Every Contradiction in The Bible

I stumbled across this website earlier today and was blown away. It is beautifully set out, and a great resource.

Disclaimer, I have nothing to do with this website, I just thought it was particularly awesome and thought I'd share with all of you.

Every contradiction, in both the old and new testament. Accompanied by a list of uses of violence, misogyny, discrimination, and scientific inaccuracies. So good.

Here's the website again:
Definitely one to keep bookmarked.

Religious Sensitivity

Recently I've been talking about religion more and more with various people in public. Not because I've been deliberately bringing it up, just because there has been opportunity for discussion about various aspects of religion. However I've noticed when I do mention religion, I get told to speak quieter and keep my voice down, like someone might hear me say the word Mormon and be offended.

It's not like I'm saying the word "cunt", or talking about the sexual practice of fisting (thanks Tim Minchin), just words like "Christian", "Mormon", "Muslim". For some reason these words attract the same level of condemnation as the expletives mentioned above.

This is particularly weird, because I swear like a fucking sailor around my friends all the time, and I never get told to be quiet for that.

I'm not even being offensive, but my use of the word "Catholic" in a civilized discussion receives the same response as would using the word "Nazi" at a bar mitzvah.

This speaks volumes about how society views religion, as a topic that is not for public discussion. As though somehow religious ideas are different from ideas about politics, healthcare, or even sporting teams.

This simple fact is probably why religion has lasted as long as it has in the developed world. Medical students, lawyers, physics majors, the brightest of the bright, who all day long examine topics with clinical logic, have clearly never applied this logic to their religious beliefs and questioned the fundamental premises that underpin their beliefs. And why not? Because no one ever talks about it. The only exposure religious people get to discussion about their beliefs is church on Sundays, surrounded by people who believe exactly the same things they do.

I'm glad for this cognitive dissonance though, if every religious person used the same logic they apply to religion for every day use, we would all be fucked.

The first step to a more intelligent and more free society is to be able to discuss all topics openly, with no special treatment for any set of ideas.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Sharia In Australia

There are a small group of Muslim immigrants whom I don't understand. Those who immigrate to Australia because their old country sucks, and then act to change the culture of this country, to be more like the shit hole they left. I'm all for multiculturalism, but how dumb can you get.

If you leave a country, ravaged by Islam fueled war and oppressed by Sharia law, and then try to make your new home like your old home, you're a fucking idiot and I want nothing to do with you.

I'm not talking about the cuisine or the clothes. I'm talking about the Sharia laws that some Muslim people want imposed on all citizens of Australia. Laws that would mean that before the law, the testimony of two women equal that of one man; and while menstruating, women are not permitted in places of worship; and then there is the forced clothing options of women.

If women want to cover their bodies from head to toe in public, they should be allowed to. But similarly, if women want to wear a singlet and shorts in public they should also be allowed to.

There seems to be something wrong with those who would purposefully move to a country with a better standard of living, and then attempt to change the culture to be more like the origin country that has a worse standard of living.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Keep All Speech Free!

Recently (or apparently since 9/11), there has been an abundance of anti-Islam publications. Most notably, draw Mohammad day. The day where all good patriotic Americans come together to poke fun at Muslims in a semi racist way. 

While I believe in free speech, I also believe that hate speech should be monitored, and that there should be a clear definition of what 'hate speech' is.
Hate speech is (or should be) defined as - inciting violence against a particular group of people. Not against an idea (not that you can be violent toward an idea anyway). Anything less than this should be treated as free speech and allowed to be publicly displayed. 

Why? Because a free intelligent society can moderate itself. What if children see the words of racism? Their parents will tell them racism is not right, explain to them why it is wrong, and to stay away from the racist cunts posting the racist propaganda (as an example). A free exchange of ideas should be allowed in society, because society can moderate out (through ridicule) the ideas which are wrong or stupid.

Furthermore, the definition of 'hate speech' should be applied equally to all people. In America especially, it has been "freedom of speech" to ridicule Islam since 9/11, but "Anti-Semitic hate speech" to ridicule Judaism in many areas. Let's not forget Jews are in the same boat as Christians and Muslims, all 3 major religions present in the west commit atrocities. It is unfair and illogical that one group be treated better than the others. 

Some food for thought for Christians who willingly degrade Islam for the crock of shit it is, but cry oppression when someone mentions why their beliefs are bullshit too.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Gay Marriage

The problem with the majority of people in this world, is that they are stupid.
Yep, I'm in one of those moods.

People, are inherently stupid, stubborn, and not willing to change their minds once they've put their ego out there with their beliefs. It's like changing your mind and evolving your views based on evidence is weak. Guess what, it's not.

Recently here in Australia our former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd recently made a public announcement that he had changed his views on gay marriage to coincide with the non-homophobic, morally correct view. This is in contrast to his political party's view on gay marriage. Reading through the comments of article he released on his public blog about his change of stance (I know, great place to look for a reasonable discussion), I found that there are a large number of people who are really stupid.

Now I'm going to tackle some of the most common and apparently most perplexing arguments against gay marriage.
1) Marriage is a sacred Christian practice and redefining it impinges on Christian freedom.
First of all, Christians didn't invent marriage, so you don't own in; however this is irrelevant. The day that secular governments (Governments that constitutionally recognize the importance and freedom of separation of church and state) adopted legal ramifications as a consequence for marriage, religion is immediately forfeited from getting a say in what is done with the "institution of marriage".
More so, Christians can still conduct their homophobic marriages, no one is forcing specific pastors or churches to endorse a ceremony. 70% of marriages in Australia over the last ten years have been conducted by non-religious affiliated celebrants. So gay's can still marry, and Jesus can keep hating fags.

2) This country was founded on Christian values, that means one man and one woman in marriage.
You know what else this country was founded on? Killing Aboriginals. You know what else America was founded on? Slavery.
Things change, for the better. Get the fuck over it.

3) If we allow gay marriage, what next? People will want to start marrying their dogs!
The reason people are not or never will be allowed to marry their dogs, or any other animal for that matter, is that a dog can not give consent to be married. However, two grown men or women can both consent for a willing marriage. So you can be sure that there won't be any marriage between adults and animals, or adults and children any time ever, because both parties have to give consent, and children and animals can't do that.

So there you go. Please share this article with your ignorant/retarded relatives or acquaintances, so that they can understand why they are wrong, and homosexual marriage is the future, whether they like it or not.
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