Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Swear words

Seriously, the idea of someone being offended by a sound emanating from the mouth of another human being, irrespective of context, is fucking bullshit.

Don't get me wrong, calling someone a cunt, not nice. Saying your boss is a fucking asswipe, probably not the best idea in the world. Saying you would like to "fuck that chick so hard" to a mate over a drink at the pub; it makes sense if people take offence to this, and this should be societally unacceptable. But offence caused by referring to a favourable situation as "fucking awesome", or the exclamation "shit yes" at the idea of a $2 pint, is ludicrous and illogical.

To anyone not agreeing with my assertion so far, let me explain how the younger generation has always seen the issue of swear words.
Swear words are the exclamation points of the younger generation. They are used as filler words, and to add emotion to a statement.
There is a disassociation forming between the word "fuck" and the image of the act of engaging in sexual intercourse. The meaning of this word is changing to simply "!". This disassociation is the primary reason the younger generation doesn't not take offence from these words.

The only reason conceivable that some words would be offensive is that what their refer to is vulgar and not for public discussion (fuck meaning sex, and sex is taboo for discussion in public (although that's bullshit too)).
However when examined more closely, this idea falls apart. Someone shouting "faeces!" as they stub their toe might be a bit weird, but far less people are offended compared to him shouting "shit!" at the same situation.
So it's not the content that people find offensive.

Simply, people are unaware of why this causes offence. It's something they've never really thought about before, swear words just "are", they don't have logical justification for emotional reaction. They were taught by their parents and teachers they were bad words, with no explanation and a scolding punishment for disobedience. Thus, it is a reflexive emotional response with no logical basis to condemn these words.

I don't know about you, but I like to live in a society where people and governments make decisions for logical reasons.

Now, remember, using curse words, or any words, to degrade another human being is not acceptable, but that's not what this article is about. I hope I've made the difference clear.
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