Monday, 18 February 2013

The Taboo Around Criticizing Religion

religion, litter, bin, symbols, god, atheistIn the present day there seems to still be groups of people, whether religious extremists, moderates, or non religious, that believe it is inappropriate or offensive to criticize religion. This is Bullshit.
I am not talking about hate speech, or discrimination, I am talking about criticism. Logic based, rational criticism against the dogma of religion. Every other area of study, every other human belief is applicable for criticism, except for religious beliefs.
This wall of sensitivity and capricious offence-taking is slowly coming down, as more and more people realize the non sequitur of the argument held by the ignorant. However rational thinking needs to take over completely here, to be sure we treat all ideas and beliefs fairly, and not discriminate against the rest.
Religion, is a claim to truth. It has claims to truths about the creation of the earth, about history, about absolute morality, about the existence of a divine entity. These claims to truth should be able to be subjected  to the same tests and criticism as truths claimed by economists, politicians, judges and juries, and by scientists, without causing a reflexive reaction of sensitivity and offence.
In summary, stop being so fucking sensitive. Wake up and realize nothing offensive is going on here, only fairness and equity. Don't be afraid to discuss your opinion, and give criticism where criticism is due.
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