Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Why America went to Iraq

Anyone who believes oil was not a motivating factor for the US invasion of Iraq under the Bush administration is delusional.

Why did the US go to war? Saddam Hussein might have WMD's. An "unstable socialist tyrant" might possess weapons of mass destruction, be destabilising the region, and committing atrocities against the people of his nation.
... Turns out he didn't have WMD's... Oh well.

So why hasn't North Korea been invaded yet? (this still might happen, so keep your eyes up). A definitely unstable dictator who DEFINITELY does have WMD's, committing atrocities against his people.

But I get it, America, the UK, or any other country for that matter, doesn't have the right to police the world. Well.. As long as there is no oil involved.
Valuable oil resources present which would threaten to ruin the economy? Police the fuck out of that region.
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