Saturday, 16 March 2013

Christian Values ≠ Morality

Some Christians think that without Christianity, there would be no morals. Fucking wrong.

In today's society, especially in North America, there are a large number of people who are Christian, and are also good people. Thus it appears to them, that because some of the things they consider moral are in the bible, that the bible must be the ultimate source of these things.

That's not true any more. Once upon a time, before people started looking outside religion for morals, the bible seemed like a good place to gather morality from. And there were such social norms such as human and animal sacrifice, slavery, and the oppression of women. (Note: at one point or another, these were all "Christian Values")

Fortunately today, we have thrown away the "christian values" we don't like, and kept the "christian values" we do like.
... So how about we stop calling it "Christian Values"?

Let's start calling the values that are confluent for a moral society,  "moral values".
It doesn't matter if you're Christian, Jew, Islamic, or Atheist, if you are a good person you will agree with these "moral values".
Morality today can and is studied through philosophy, and even science by a few people. It is not something that is taken as an absolute and unchangeable, like religion.

All morality is essentially based around the experience of conscious beings, and trying to improve this experience. The morality we kept from Christianity fits this model, and the morality we threw away (or are in the process of throwing away) doesn't fit this model.

Even if Christians were the first people to invent the idea of "don't kill others" and "don't commit adultery" (which they weren't), today morality has moved beyond a set of principals set in stone. There are reasons behind the moral principals we have in modern society. 

If we all stopped for a minute and looked at the reality of this situation, it would be a lot easier to make changes in the world that effect people in a morally positive way.
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