Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Teaching Creationism to Children is Child Abuse

The idea that the earth is 6000 years old is fucking wrong. Proven wrong. Proven by an overwhelming amount of evidence to be wrong. And people who teach lies to their children, or support the teaching of these lies with the false equivalence that they are evidentially equal to the theory of evolution, are child abusers.

By teaching our children such an incorrect view of how the world works, contrary to science, we do them a disservice in a world that is largely advanced by science. In a world where intellect and education are the driving force behind the global workforce, if we teach our children nonsense, they will have a significant disadvantage when they try to enter into this competitive world.

Furthermore, it is also wrong to infer that the ideas of evolution and creationism have an equal share of evidence supporting them. The idea of teaching both alternatives in schools as so not to offend the beliefs of the religious is also ridiculous. The education system's number one priority is to dispel ignorance. Schools don't teach their students that some people think the earth revolves around the sun, and others think the sun revolves around the earth, and no one knows for sure.

It is up to the rest of society to take action to cure society of this disability. The idea that the earth is 6000 years old should be met with as much ridicule and laughter as the idea that Elvis Presley is still alive, or that Bigfoot is real.

People are entitled to believe whatever they want to believe, however in today's society belief in such ridiculous mythology comes at a cost. People will not take you seriously if you demonstrate you believe knowledge which in reality is obviously incorrect. And rightly so. Society should demand a better intellectual standard from people in this day and age.

It is past the point where society should be polite about other people's ideas that have been proven to be wrong. As a society we need to demand better of each other, so not to disadvantage our future generations in a competitive world that relies on application and discovery of true knowledge.
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