Monday, 11 March 2013

Who is Responsible for Educating Our Children

Fucking everyone!

Currently in Australia there is an ongoing debate about who holds responsibilities for educating the youth. One state says teachers have the responsibility, and are moving to raise standards for applicants applying for teaching courses at universities. Another state says parents have the responsibility, and are promoting curriculum where parents assist more with homework at home.

Which school of thought is right?
It doesn't fucking matter.

Yes, making teaching courses more appealing (through higher wages for teachers) will improve the quality of education. Yes, imposing higher standards for students studying teaching will improve the quality of education. Yes, getting more involved with your child's education will improve it's quality. Everything works, so do everything.

The government should be focusing on their end of the deal (schools, curriculum, and teachers) and parents should be doing all they can for their children to further their education.

Some parents don't have time, because of work and other commitments, to help out with their kids education. That's a shame for that kid, they're going to be average. It is a convoluted path to helping those types of families from the governments position.

However for families who have the time, of course they should be helping further their child's education.  Reading to them, fostering their interests, giving them life experience all drastically improve a child's well being(intellectually and emotionally).

It shouldn't be a question of either or, it should be everything, all the time. Government focus on quality at school, and parents focus on quality at home.

Educating children, in all areas (literacy, numeracy, as well as healthy social skills) should be considered the number one priority for governments looking for long term flourishing of a country. Also parents should be placing a high priority on helping their kids do the best they can.
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