Thursday, 18 April 2013

Atheism - Why Take The Risk?

I had an adult christian tell me the other day "Why take the risk not believing in god?". I say adult on purpose because I can not believe that an apparently functional human being couldn't figure out why this argument is so fucking stupid. Apparently, if I believe in god and there is an afterlife, I'm all good, and if I believe in god and there isn't an afterlife it doesn't matter anyway, so why take the risk?

This seems like a legitimate augment, for about six seconds, and then you realize why it's so inherently so fucking stupid.

This argument is based on the premise that those are the only two choices, Christianity or Atheism, which is just not true. The choice is between a large number of other religions. Even within Christianity itself, there are denominations which are sure they are the only ones getting into heaven. This implies that even if there is a god, that we've figured out exactly what he wants us to do and some group of people are abiding by their laws. There could be a god we haven't figured out yet, and no one is doing what he wants us to do and we're all going to fucking hell.

The argument gives the illusion of a false dichotomy, the illusion there are only two choices, when in actual fact there are an unlimited amount of choices. 

Of course, there is only one rational choice - Atheism, but that's beside the point.

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