Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Boston Bombings - Pray, And Then Do Something That Actually Helps

#prayforboston. Are you fucking kidding me? How about #donateblood, or #thanksparamedics or, #donatetopayvictimsmedicalbills.

I am disgusted by these attacks on US soil. I hope the perpetrators are found and brought to justice. I have enormous sympathy for the victims and their families. I hope the casualties have a speedy recovery, and that the doctors do all they can to ensure no one else dies from this horrific event.

If praying makes you feel better, I'm not going to take that away from you at a time like this. But as soon as you're done praying, get up off your knees and do something REAL to help SOMEONE ELSE. God isn't going to solve this problem, humans pulling together as humans are.

If all you do is pray, when you can afford to do more, you're just selfish. You're just satisfying your own desire to feel like you've done something to help.

Get up off your knees and donate blood, donate to a local hospital, donate to a cause to pay the victims medical bills. Take the 10% of your income you would give to the church this week and put it where it'll help these innocent people.

Again, my thoughts and sympathies go out to everyone involved in this terrible incident.

People, help the people: http://www.weareatheism.com/donate/atheists-giving-aid-boston-marathon-tragedy/

[caption id="attachment_567" align="aligncenter" width="605"]Pray. Then DO SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. Pray. Then DO SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKS.[/caption]
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