Monday, 1 April 2013

Evil Christianity in Action - A Case Study

The Philippines has a population of 96.5 million people, of which 18.4% live in poverty (Less than US $1.25) dollars a day. That's about 17 million people living in poverty. philippines-poverty

Currently there are about 3 million new births each year, and half of these are unwanted. This is due to a lack of available birth control for women. The Philippine government and citizens agree that having one of Asia's highest birth rates is simply compounding to their poverty problem.

Earlier this month, a new action by the Philippine government that would have allowed free birth control available to those living in poverty, was blocked by petitions from the catholic church. This is not the first time it has been blocked by the Catholic's either, since 1998, it has been repeatedly blocked.

The law still has a chance of going into effect, after it passes through the supreme court to check that it is "in line with the constitution".

The irony of the Catholic Church is disgusting. The church professes to help those most in need and preaches the gospel of protecting society’s weakest, the poor, women and children. How, then, can the bishops who wield such disproportionate power over those citizens, fight an action to directly help those in need. Disgusting. 

If those poor, poverty stricken devout Catholics living in the slums don't want to use birth control, they don't have to. But the fact that it is unavailable to everyone because of some people's religious beliefs is immoral, and at heart, evil. By not allowing this legislation to take effect, it perpetuates the suffering of the citizens, which the religion thrives off.

This sort of action by the churches who claim to be about peace and love needs to be addressed. It is unacceptable.
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