Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Faith Is Not A Virtue

There should be no pride in believing in something without evidence, but this is exactly what the majority of religions have gone and done. Not only do they believe without evidence, but they teach that having beliefs based purely on faith is something to be respected and admired. It's not.

That's the definition of faith actually. Believing without evidence. If you had evidence, you wouldn't need faith. That's the whole point of faith, that you have no fucking evidence for what you believe. Faith starts where evidence ends.

Religion is like the "gateway drug" to bullshit. Once you teach people that believing things without evidence is okay, and teach them not to question their surroundings, then they are gullible to any other bullshit that comes their way. Adults believing in fairy tales is not healthy for society. People blindly believing what they're told is how con-artists scam people, how "natural remedies" are propagated through society, how rumors spread.

It is not always practical to be skeptical about everything, but when it comes to decisions that have life changing impacts on others as well as yourself, you should take the time to ask a question or two. "Good reasons" and evidence govern every single other aspect of our lives, why should we treat something that effects so many people in so many areas of life, differently.

Faith is not a virtue, faith is mockable. People with faith should be ridiculed, people should be embarrassed to have opinions and hold beliefs without evidence. Our society should be more critical of people believing bullshit fairy tales, and the organisations peddling them.
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