Friday, 5 April 2013

No Morality Without The Bible

A Diagram of Religious Morality
Yea fucking right. I don't even need to spend a lot of time on this.

IF, as you say, the bible is the ultimate moral guide for all actions, then how do YOU know which parts of the bible to follow?
If you follow the bible for your morality, and it says in the bible to own slaves, and stone your children to death for disobedience, shouldn't you be doing these things? By not killing your children for disrespecting you, aren't you directly going against the word of your almighty and all powerful god.

How did YOU figure out not to kill your children and keep slaves? You know it's wrong to do, you're not a monster after all. But how do you know this if god specifically says it's okay? How did you figure out which parts of the bible are relevant today and which one's aren't.

Perhaps, you have a sense of morality, independent from your religion. Perhaps, you have a sense of morality based on empathy for others (like every other human).  Perhaps you're not a monster.

By saying you only know morality because of a religion, you're saying it's not possible to figure it out by yourself. Are you really that stupid (maybe, if you believe in religion in the first place). I doubt it.

Base your morality around empathy for others. It works, 100% of the time. Act with respect for the well being of conscious creatures.
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