Monday, 22 April 2013

Science And Christianity Are Not Compatible

By definition, if you're a Christian, you believe Jesus Christ is the 'lord and savior' and follow his teachings and gospel. By definition this is true, if you don't believe this, you can't call yourself Christian.

If you're Christian, you believe Jesus was sent to earth by god to forgive humanity for mankind's sin in the Garden of Eden. 
This means you believe in the Garden of Eden, and the earth's creation 6000 years ago, and the earth was populated with humans from this point on by Adam and Eve.
Therefore you must also deny evolution.

If you believe in evolution, or dinosaurs, or the fact that the earth has been proved to be much older than 6000 years, you're denying the Garden of Eden and the story of Adam and Eve.
If you deny Adam and Eve, there is no original sin mankind committed.
If there is no original sin, there is nothing that needs forgiveness.
If there is nothing that needs forgiving, Jesus doesn't have to get tortured and killed and resurrected.

The ideas of current science, and current Christianity are not compatible. If you believe in evolution and the evidence for the age of the earth, you are not Christian. You only get one, Jesus the Messiah, or Evolution and all of Science. Make your choice.

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