Saturday, 27 April 2013

Science's Loss To Religion

There is a rather disturbing video on YouTube, in which a large number of parents and children attend a Christian show aimed at teaching children about the bible, and how to deny evolution. I was disturbed at the content.

After seeing the whole video, the comment from the parent in the middle, the comment from the children at the end, I was aghast. How can someone do this to their children? It's nonsensical.

This video is the perfect articulation of my motivation behind promoting Atheism, free thinking, logic, and reason. It's exactly what I personally got into the new Atheist movement to fight against.

I hope not all those children are as convinced as those at the end, but children are susceptible creatures. They believe what they're told, they have to for survival, they can't afford to treat all new information with skepticism like adults can. Everyone should be free to believe what they want, I truly believe that, but I'm unsure of my position when it comes to letting parents impart such false knowledge onto their children.

About half of Americans still deny evolution. It's fair to say that that's at least half of the population cut off from the wonders of science. Evolution is such a fundamental biological principal and to completely deny it against all the evidence cuts you off from any potential interest in science that crosses your path in life.

I'm not saying all those children would love science otherwise. Indeed some of them (hopefully) might grow up and reclaim the knowledge themselves. However by educating them contradictory to modern science, it prevents them from potentially forming an interest later in life, because it "goes against their faith".

Science needs all the recruits it can get, it needs as many minds contributing to the ever expanding wealth of knowledge as possible.

Spread the word. It's time to stop outright lying to our children. It's not a debate anymore, there is no uncertainty with the evidence, evolution is a fact. Allow these young minds freedom to explore the wonders of reality, and the opportunity to contribute back to it. 
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