Sunday, 14 April 2013

Why Atheism Is Important

Many religious people, and many non-atheists think it's strange that a group of people would congregate and talk about how much they don't believe in something. I mean, there aren't gatherings for people who don't play golf, am I right?

The thing is, Atheism is generally more than simply "not believing in god". It's about freedom from religion. It's about making sure no one else's beliefs cause problems with anyone else's lives.

Here is a list of why many people are passionate about Atheism:

  1. Religion imposes itself on the lives of non believers.
    - Denominations of Christianity are against homosexuals; in America a homosexual couple has less rights than a heterosexual couple (it is law, that everyone must obey).
    - Islam oppresses women, forcing them to dress in traditional clothing, denying women education, punishing a woman with death if she is raped.
    - Religion in general is against stem-cell research, research which could reveal cures for diseases which affect millions of lives.

  2. Religion imposes itself on the lives of believers.
    - Denominations of Christianity force people to feel guilty about sexual desires.
    - Denominations of Christianity require people to abstain from premarital sex, and from use of birth control.
    - Islam requires women to wear traditional clothes. It is the choice of the woman if she wears these or not, but in a society where the options imposed by religion are wear the burqa or suffer the consequences (rape, murder, excommunication by the family),  it's hardly a choice.

  3. Religion tries to push laws to be put in place that affect everyone.
    - Laws about abortion, homosexual marriage, restrictions to freedom of speech. Some of these laws are in place, and some are trying to be put in place, that would force non believers to comply. The fact of the matter is, religion has no place in deciding whether laws like this need implementing.

  4. Religion teaches people myths and legends as truth.
    - Children in public schools who are taught to deny evolution and being taught creationism as fact.
    - African populations with no other sources of information being taught lies about birth control, which if used correctly would prevent the spread of HIV.

These are just a few examples of many where religion imposes itself on people not of the faith. If you can think of others, post a comment below.

Religion infringes on the rights of others. This is why most Atheists are passionate about it.
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