Thursday, 9 May 2013

Criticisim Of Islam Is Not Islamophobia

There have been many people getting confused lately about this newly introduced term, Islamophobia. Many people are confusing or willfully mislabeling criticism of Islam as Islamophobic and racist. 

Islamophobia is a bad thing don't get me wrong, but it's not what many critics of Islam are expressing, and it's certainly not racist.

Islam isn't a race, it's a religion, it's an idea. Islamophobia is no more racist that "Democrato-phobia", or "Comuniso-phobia". These are ideas, not races of people. A person of any ethnicity can be Muslim, so it's nonsensical to call it racist.
That clears that one up pretty easily.

However normal criticism of Islam is now being labeled as Islamophobic, in what I assume is an attempt to get the critics of Islam to back off. With the recent riots in Bangladesh surrounding calls for blasphemy laws to be implemented, this is a pretty safe assumption.

Except almost all criticisms and critics receiving the title "Islamophobic", are not. It seems doubtful that such liberal free-thinking people would be so unintelligent to stoop to the lows of bigotry. Taking one Sam Harris as an example, indeed if you examine his arguments, they are in no way Islamophobic. However Harris' Muslim critics don't really care about logic, and have to resort to ad hominem attacks to try to degrade his  arguments.

Islamophobia is the prejudice toward all Muslims, or irrational fear of Muslims. What many people don't understand is that it's not the people that most of Islam's critics attack with their arguments, it's the Islamic faith. The ideas of Islam is what we fight against, not it's people. However, if someone is beating and raping women, that person is liable to judgement, regardless of their religion or faith.

Not all Muslims are like this,
but these ones in particular are fucking terrifying.
It's difficult to express these two ideas together, without sounding "Islamophobic". Expressing criticism of Islam together with judgement of those who hold that faith who commit moral atrocities, inherently is difficult for people to grasp. However it must be made clear that no extrapolation must be drawn, to where the conclusion that all Muslims behave in this way, is reached. And indeed, many of the figureheads of he new atheist movement do not draw this incorrect extrapolation.

We are critical of Islam because of its many logical and moral flaws, but in no way does this lead to irrational prejudice against all Muslims.
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