Why I'm Anti-Religion

There are a number of reasons I'm anti religion:

  1. Religion claims to know truths about the supernatural and physical world, without any evidence. While it is impossible to test claims about the supernatural world, by the vary nature of their apparent being, truths about the physical world can be known and tested. Many of the 'truths' religions claim have been proven incorrect by evidence and testing, yet religion continue to teach 'their truths'. This impedes the progress of the human race.

  2. Religion also teaches people incorrect ways of thinking about the world. It teaches people to reject evidence based knowledge, and believe the wisdom of an authority figure. This is dangerous for the society in which religion is taught, as it puts the citizens at the mercy of the authority figure. Situations like Hitler's Germany, and Kim Jong-un's North Korea, are the result of blind following of an authority figure.

  3. It teaches prejudice against homosexuals, women, non-believers and freedom. This is just purely evil and disgusting, that an organisation would convince it's followers to hate people different from themselves for no logical reason. Not only does it cause hatred for these people,

  4. It causes people to feel bad for having certain thoughts or doing certain things, purely because someone decided it should be 'bad'. Ideas like 'no premarital sex' put constraints on people's freedom for no reason. There are simply no reasons to justify banning premarital sex for everyone, like religion has.

Religion does do some good, manifested in charities, however it does not take religion to achieve the goals of charity. A non-religious society would still have charities and people helping those less fortunate.

We do not need all the bad bits of religion to get the good bits. Lets let go of all of it, and do good things for better reasons.

- Patrick McBride
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